healthier #momlife with youngliving

Healthier #momlife with Youngliving

OK, so recently I posted a vlog that was actually 8minutes long but I was too lazy to post the rest of it. Recently, we have been told by my oldest son’s therapists that we should try essential oils to help him with his teeth grinding problems. My husband came home from his occupational therapy appointment with a list of things to help him. Now, mind you this isn’t the first time I have been told by his office to get into the essential oils. His last speech therapist said to get them, and she herself was on the spectrum. So that being said, I probably should have done it then. I have used essential oils before, not for anything in particular. But for the smell, and I never used them in a diffuser. I was sent samples from another company to try. And I used one a lot, the citrus blend. And when I mean use it I would smell it. The company sent me things to make the oils into other things. And I made a Christmas home spray for my cat’s litter room. Hides the smell, you know.

healthier #momlife with youngliving

So when my sister mentioned she signed up to sell youngliving, I asked her if how much the oils I needed were. More specifically the Valor. I had found some on Amazon for almost 80 dollars. I kid you not! So when she told me it was cheaper with her ($30 cheaper) I said OK, I need to order it! And then I thought, why not become a distributer myself. Honestly, I am not doing Youngliving for the money.I am doing this to help me, my son, and hopefully my hubby who has massive headaches and stress.

healthier #momlife with youngliving

Valor is such a great oil to have. it smells so good and has a sweet woodsy smell. We mix this with other oils or diffuse it alone.sells out fast

And so, here we are, me with my new venture that I am not really obsessing over, who knows that may change. But, there is hope here, hope that these oils will help my boy and that is what it is all about! Isn’t it? YES!

SO, here comes the shameless self business boss babe blast.

If you would like some essential oils or need more use this link here:


If you have questions about the oils or want to be a distributor email me here:

healthier #momlife with youngliving

Ningxia Red mxed with coconut water is just delicious

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