Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers! Today is a day where we watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving day Parade, eat lots of food, and have great times. I am thankful for my family,friends, my baby, and being able to be a SAHM. I can not wait to get my turkey on and decorate tomorrow. However, I have to get formula tomorrow from Walmart. And I am scared of that. It is going to be so busy. So very busy. I can not stand it. But what can I do? Besides seeing if they are open today. And before I get slammed for going there on Thanksgiving; let me say this. All of the posts I see on Facebook, Twitter, pinterest, and Instagram about not going shopping on Thanksgiving because it is keeping people from being with their families. Take a moment to think about the soldiers who wont be home. Think about the cops and firemen. Doctors and nurses. And think about all those customer service reps for AT&T, Express Scripts, CHASE Bank, Disney; who are all working today. Not all the jobs are outsourced. And as a former CSR, I was getting irritated that no one thinks of them on days like today. They work on Christmas too, btw. So, are you NOT going to call customer services today? Most stores are closed and that is fantastic those people can be with their families, but remember Thanksgiving was not moved to the third Thursday until 1941? Then stores would close and Black Friday was born to help stores at the tail end of the depression get back into shape.Oh, and by the way;back in the day everywhere was still open even on Christmas. So, before we start hanging people for shopping on Thanksgiving day even for something as necessary as formula and diapers. Remember what you just read here.

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