Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope your Saturday is all well and dandy. I have been scouring all around Pinterest today and found quite a few Gamer girl pics.

image 9gag.com

This is one that speaks to me a bit. Being a gamer from a gamer family. Seriously everyone of us plays. I didn’t know this was a thing. That there is a stigma of what a gamer girl is and isn’t. Gamer gurl vs gamer girl. Or gamer girl vs girl gamer. I am a gamer, my gender has NOTHING to do with it. There is this air that gamer girls are not gamers if they play with full makeup on or look cute. Stop it! I have make up on ,wear cute clothes,and shower. I don’t get this whole controller thing, but maybe guess they are hungry?There is also the illusion that girls who are gamers sit around in pjs or sweats all day without showering. No, stop it. I have been know to wander about the house in yoga pants in between quests and such.We are who we are as Ke$ha says but really? Why must a gamer who is female justify her right to play? And justify how she looks? Or justify the fact that she isn’t a poser and is in fact a hard core gamer?

Not all hard core gamer girls swear(I do,but you know) . And I can be a gamer without playing freaking COD! I am not good at 3rd person shooters.
And we are just as good as guys, and we don’t always have to be the healers in MMOs.

We can be everything and better, we can be sexy, we can be frumpy from time to time,we can swear, we can be nice, and we can play better than the opposite sex. Because guess what? Not all gamer guys are dudes who live in the parent’s basement. Nor are they just in their underwear all day either.some are,though.. Not all gamer guys are true gamers, but we as a girly race have to be hush about it and “get back to the kitchen and make them a sammich”.

I am a lady, I am a gamer, I am a mom, a geek, and beautiful(I think?).

sorry rant over. I wrote this in haste while my son was throwing his snack at the cat.

Happy Caturday.


Oh and always


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