Happy Saturday!

Hello there friends! Hope you have a wonderful Valentines day! I just wanted to share some things that are just awesome.

Baked Brie . Oh my god! This stuff is amazing! I saw this on a Martha Stewart show and made it!
All you need is a round of Brie cheese. Some brown sugar,pecans, 1 whole egg and a yolk, and puff pastry.
You place the cheese on the one sheet of dough, the top with the pecans and sugar. Fold the dough around the cheese.Then take the other piece of puff pastry and put on top. Make sure to tuck it under. Anything left over just use for decoration. Mix up the eggs and brush it on the dough. Let it sit in the fridge for about 30 mins to over night. And bake in a 350 degree oven until golden brown. It is so freaking yummy! I served it with a nice French baguette.

My second fave thing is wpid-20150212_150745.jpg

The Lotion Confort by Chanel. This is a great toner so far. I want to try it for 2 weeks before doing an in depth review. I also got some new powder to talk about on Monday.


My ipsy glam bag came in! YAY!

Happy Saturday and Happy Valentine’s day!


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