Happy Saturday.

Happy Saturday everyone! It is truly a lazy Saturday. I fell asleep snuggling with my little boy and just now got out of my pjs. I wasn’t sure if I was going to blog today but decided to. I haven’t been keeping up with Nablopomo November.  I mean I have posted a blog post every day. But anyways.


I was hoping to get a bit further in Shadows of Mordor.  But, the XboxOne has been taken hostage by the husband. Oh well there is always later.

I finally got dressed enough to maybe head to Target for some toys for little man from Santa. I got some great coupons. 
I think the whole lack of sleep thing has finally gotten to me. And I feel my writing has shown it.  I am hoping my Ipsy and Nordstrom Rack items are in so maybe there will be an update later today or tomorrow.  We can hope!!


Happy Caturday everyone.  #caturday

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