Happy Family Funday~!

A boy and the baseball fieldIt started out so well, when I got up I felt like the weather was cooler. Took the dog out and Oh my stars, it was cool! Finally, fall like weather! Finally, I feel like it is actually October and not August. Unfortunately, it will be short lived. As by tomorrow it will be back in the mid to upper 80’s. Yay.

I made the mistake of saying to my hubby that we will be going to the park for a picnic lunch. And asked if he could assist me with pictures. Baby boy heard and ever since he has been impatiently waiting for us to go to the park.

The park was nice and quiet. The weather today was and is perfect. What a great day! My little man got to run around the park and have a great time. Although he didn’t play much on the playground stuff much. I did get him to swing a bit, but he was done after a few rounds of that. We also discovered he loves teeter-totters(SP).

Got to love being out and about

Got to love being out and about


I wish that this weather would stay like this for a while. I am so tired of the heat right now.

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