Happy Caturday again.


If I could pick an embarrassing picture of my cat here it is. Happy caturday everyone.  And one more day untill all that Target excitement!  Yes!
Yesterday I realized somethings. 1. I need a day off. I love my son, but even I need a day off. I maybe a stay at home mama, but we even need a day away from the kid and the house. And 2. I need to get back to video games regularly.  Later my little man was in bed and snoozing. I got my house picked up and then I started to play Assasin’s Creed. I felt so relaxed and great. I play Skyrim a lot(it is my fave) so Assasin’s Creed is a nice break from shooting knees. It was great night time “me” time.
Today I will be taking my day off. Hubby will keep an eye on the boy while I go and do whatever. I am going to go try on clothes and have a no kid shopping day.

To the mall!!

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