Grinchmas part 1!

Grinchams Universal

You know one time, I am going to go to Universal all decked out in Harry Potter glory. Robes and all. I need this to happen. Anyways, yesterday I talked about getting out of the Christmas funk, well you know there are things other than presents there are creating those special memories! And a dear friend gave us an early present of a trip to Universal Orlando for Grinchmas! We love the Grinch in this family and how fitting when we have all been feeling so grinchy.

Grinchmas Universal Orlando

Grinchmas happens every year in December to Jan in Universal. This event is so much fun! Universal decorates everything for Christmas…er I mean Grinchmas. And everyone dresses up. The guests dress up. As one guy put it ” It is hard to distinguish the weirdos from the non weirdos today.” Well, we are all weird and it is normal to see Harry Potter fans run around in full Gryffindor attire and yet someone cant dress up as a WHO? do you people. You do you!

Ahh SO CUTE! THe hubby and kiddo!

When we got to Islands of Adventures we were greeted by the mass amount of people wanting pictures(that’s normal.) and since my hubby and I have a weird sense of humor how ironic that it was we took a picture of me and my son infront of the people wanting a picture. HAHAHHA


Any face you make Ill make

We checked in and were ready to start the day!

Grinchmas Universal Orlando

The first ride we did was the Cat in The Hat. My son was tall enough to ride it, this was of course after we let him run around in the playground area in Suess Landing. Now there is something to note. There are places for the wee one to play. There is a few places for “quiet times” If they get over whelmed. My son, being on the spectrum can have that and I am glad there was place really quiet at Suess Landing for him to be silly and play. It wasn’t busy at all since everyone was waiting for the Grinch. You may think there isn’t much for a little one to do at Universal, but there is. And there are some things to consider. There will be heightened security. You will have your bags checked. They do accommodate for people with needs. And my son was able to have his food with him, he is very very picky. Prepare for a large crowd. If you want extra fun reserve a seat for the Grinch meet and greet.

The next ride was Red fish blue Fish which is my son’s fave book. How neat that he got to ride it!

I rode all alone. #allbymyself

We rode the Carousel, which my son did well on. He normally doesn’t like them. And Of course I had to ride the one meant for a 4 yr old. I felt like a giant on a pony.


From the Sneeches View

The Kong ride is back and new. It was a 3d adventure ride, and my son was tall enough to go on it! Hurray for a tall child. And he was so brave. He was not scared at all. When the TREX showed up he was like “WOW, it’s George”. George is his trex toy. Now in the picture above was the animatronic lady for the ride, holy crap was she COOL! So realistic.

Kong universal orlando

Now we went all over the park, both parks. WE went to the Wizarding world of course. And went to HOGSMEADE

Now this post will probably be in 2 parts there is a lot to share! So we will end this with the Hogsmead.

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