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SWeater: similar// shirt: STYLEWE// SHoes: Justfabsimilar// jeans HM// bag JUSTFAB similar

Hi there friends! Happy Friday! It is actually kind of chilly here in the Sunshine state. WOW. I know, but really! It is! And that means dun dun dun! SWEATERS! YAY! I can pretend it is wintery! And what other way than to pretend it is wintery than with some awesome boots. Like these Green boots from Justfab! Which are perfect for this season!! Got to love more wintery clothes. And this outfit of the day is all about that wintery feel. Sweaters, jeans, and boots. Perfect!

Outfits like these are a nice mix up from the usual summery attire here. Good to be able to pull out the sweaters and not sweat to death, right? YES!

This sweater in today;s oufit you may recognize from this post, I shrank the sweater that belonged to my hubby. And it is mine now. Menswear for women on a whole new level. Accidental and hilarious.

Anyways, outfits like this really become a staple  and it isn’t a wonder as to why. It is warm, it’s cozy, it is a stylish outfit. And I love the pop of stripes with this outfit. And it is affordable, which is a plus! The blouse which is from Stylewe is one you can really truly wear with anything and get a way from it. The satiny feel of this shirt is so nice against the skin, and it can be dressed up or down. And that is great for this season. You can go from brunch with the gal pals to dinner with the family or holiday party. It is all about what you accessorize with it and what bottoms you wear, a nice pencil can take the blouse from the work place to the holiday party. OHH even better with some sparkly red heels. #agirlcandream

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Today, has been one heck of a day, not only did I rush my photos. I actually got cold. It started to rain and people were getting TOO NOSY.  I know that it looks quiet, because at this time it was then about 5 mins AFTER i put myself in a tree, in heels. People showed up.

simple style


you thought i was kidding? If I see a tree that is climbable I will climb it faster than the king of Mirkwood can drink a bottle of wine.

The pictures are a bit dark but I kind of like it. Anways, I climbed this in heels. I want to go back and play around with this tree and that tropical maxi that I have when it isn’t rainy.

blogger styleThis outfit is warm and it is also great for that ever changing weather. And these justfab boots are so comfortable. I really do love Justfab, I have so many great shoes from them like the blue and green pair you all love so much!!!!!! Their boots I have found are some of the best! Comfy, and comfy, and comfy. Did I mention that justfab has comfy boots? No? Well, they do!

fall ootd-his post is taking forever to do, let me say blogging with cats. Just, you know that picture of people with cats on keyboards and over arms and such. MY LIFE!! THAT IS my life today. Cats are entertaining for sure, but when you are trying to work, they all of a sudden NEED you. Like Oh my god they gunna die without a pet and fitz and sitz on your lap while you at etyping away.

fashion catbrat.

some times you just have to get in a tree. Right? All in the name of fashion, this was actually a pain in the butt to do by myself. Not the climbing part but the getting things set up and wondering if you are in shot. Cause if not then ugh got to start over. Thus is the life of the solo fashion blogger. It is actually fun to do, but also a pain. I am a control freak so it is OK.

blogger ootd

OK, this outfit screams get a hot cup of cocoa and walk around some lit up neighborhoods. Lit up by meaning Christmas lights. I love how much people go all out on lights.

Justafab boots

Justfab boots

I still need to get my Universal Grinchmas adventures on the blog! AHHH time is getting away from me.

black and white outfit of the day


 Steal my style!

Shirt: STylewe



jeans: HM similar

Bag: JUSTFAB similar

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