Got to share a new handbag deal.

Ok, so Coach has been a favorite of many people for a long time. Celebs carry this bag, and Coach can be affordable, especially if you coupon. While the bags can be higher than what many people want to pay for,let me say this. Coach lasts. If you buy a Coach bag, a REAL one, you are going to have a bag that will last years and years. The quality is there and it is amazing quality. Renowned for their meticulous efforts in making GREAT usuable bags, I have started to sell COACH handbags in my eBay shop, Chippey’s Shoppe. I want people to see what I do in the bags. They can stand up to the test of time and the brand is known through out the world.

The bags I have in stock right now are these:

Coach bag on sale $289.00

Coach Poppy on sale for $100.00

Coach bag on sale

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