Good morning Monday.


Happy Monday to you all! Today I am going to be tackling the awesome closet. I am going to try and organize it. Notice I said try. Never said it would be easy. And put on my “I mean business” leather H&M pants to get this done. I figured it would motivate me. I also need to dress the boy, who seems happy enough in his jams. It won’t be an easy battle to change him. He is a fighter.
I also need to redo my nails as the beach stripped my polish off my toes. Much to do today around the house and since it is a bit rainy out (thanks Florida weather) I figured today would be good to do it.




I am finally editing this again. Yes, again. This post from Monday for whatever the reason is wearing on my mind. No I didn’t get the closet clean. But, I did get the hall painted! I got something accomplished! The clothes are from HM and you can achieve a similar look with this ciffon shirt from Sheinside here and pants. And you can use any statement necklace not just blue. Like this necklace below.
Multi Gemstone Gold Flower Necklace

As long as it is colorful it will work wonderfully! And yes, while I get it is still summer the leather pants are adorable and will transfer into the fall and winter wardrobe. So, get now and wear all the way through spring.


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