Good Books and polish.

I have been reading a lot lately! I am trying to get back into my normal me grind, and that also means I have been playing video games! I am taking a Witcher 3 break for Fallout 4. Why? Because Cuphead makes me rage quit. No seriously,  that game makes me rage quit so bad. I have to take a lot of breaks from playing it. Other wise I might break a controller.  I have been reading a bit as I have said before. I have been finding it hard to get out and take blog photos, my schedule is really off. And I have to take my own photos, because I have no one to take them for me. Yes, I have a hubby, but he doesn’t want to do that. I am not one to force it either. So, I have to do it myself. Which means looking for places to shoot, and then lugging everything myself. All on my own. YEAH.

But, with my kids and constant appointments blogging has taken a backseat and honestly I miss it. And when I was finally being a bit more confident with my taking pictures out and about, I am starting to get back into that reclusive nature of my introverted self. Not good not good. I am feeling less ambitious and less confident. And I feel like I am loosing my photography touch. And of course some of this can be the depo talking. Possible. I want to go out and scout new places to shoot, and up my game. Being stuck inside the house all day is getting damn annoying. Not my kids fault, they both have problems that sometimes make it hard to do anything. Not their fault, they can not help it. But you guys the cabin fever gets real. Yes, we live in a state that boasts tourist things and stuff to do, if you are willing to pay. But, it is WAAAAAYYYY too hot for me and definitely too hot for my kids who have health things too.

Ahh I need to take them to the beach although that may not happen.

At least I have my books.


Book// Polish// filler// earrings

This is one of the books in the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. I love this series, it is about faeries and an assassin that should be a queen, although she kind of doesn’t want to own it in the beginning of the series. Aelin is a hot headed and headstrong main character who would rather put her self in mortal danger than tell her friends what her plans are. But, she has her reasons. The characters in the series you fall in love with, it is well written and I love the entire series! Start with Assasin’s blade then move on to Throne of Glass. All Available on AMAZON.

WORTH READING! The nail polish that just goes with the aesthetic is Londontown Lakur in Lady Luck! It is a gorgeous shade of ruby red. The vibrant hue will be perfect for  the up coming holiday season! Just need some gold glitter!


BOOK// Bracelets// Nail polish

Another Sarah J. Maas book series. A  Court of Frost and Starlight. This book is the most recent addition to the series, which the first book was a delightful retelling of a Beauty and the Beast. Now, while this book was not as well received as the rest of the series, I still liked it enough to re read it, even if I want to punch Feyre’s sister Nesta in the throat and shake Elaine to death because of how she treats Lucien. Just read the books! There are Faeries, battles, lots of humor and tons of magic and a good love story!

Available on Amazon! Polish is Londontown Black Thorn! A blue color that even looks great matte! Looks fabulous with my Alex and Ani bracelets!

Book// polish// necklace

This is a great addition to any Tolkien collector. The story of Beren and Luthien is one that I just love. It is a story of an elf maiden who falls in love with a mortal man. The mortal has to go through some really tough challenges to win the hand of Luthien, one being get the Silmarils for her father the king Thingol. This book has many retellings of the original story, and I love the illustrations in this book! So beautiful. I wish they would do a story of Andreth and Aegnor, because that was the first love story of a mortal and elf, only the elf was a man and the mortal a woman. It is a sad story and unfortunately that one has no happy ending.

Book available on Amazon. Polish is such a pretty color by Londontown called Bell Flower!

book// bracelet similar// polish

A Traitor’s Ruin, by Erin Beaty. This is book 2 in the series first book is A Traitor’s Kiss, this young adult series has such a sweet love story. And the book was so good, the first book actually threw me for a loop! I was reading it thinking one character was someone and only to find out he was someone else and the poor girl fell in love with him thinking he was that person! Sage is a girl who was deemed a bit unmatchable so she was given a job by the matchmaker. She is to help the matchmaker by being her eyes and keeping tabs on people. And then is made to be a kind of spy. The second book, I just started to read. SO, she is now serving the queen by educating her kids, but that is as far as I got.

This is just a small amount of books and polish, if you want me to do another post like this let me know!

Thanks for reading! THESE BOOKS ARE AMAZING!



  • Shelbee on the Edge August 4, 2018 at 7:55 AM

    The cabin fever really does get real, doesn’t it? I have been spending most of the summer indoors as well for various reasons…it’s too hot and humid and everything costs too damn much money! Hang in there, my friend. This stage will pass soon and you will be onto the next one! I love this post with your books and coordinating nail polish. So cute and creative!


    • Stephanie August 5, 2018 at 8:21 AM

      sure does, and yeah. Things are just costing a lot to do, especially in FL.


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