Goals for the week!

Happy Monday friends, we are in the midst of renovating the house a bit. Getting new floors finally after needing to replace them for years. #notrich

Finally we are getting around to that, and it has made me realize how much crap we have and DO not use and it is utterly dumb why we keep shit.
“I might use that some day!” No hun you won’t you will never touch that garbage again.

it has sentimental value! Did you even notice it was not on display? Well, I for one will be getting rid of a lot of my things that I do not need or use or is broken! A good clean up is needed !

I have done this a few times and need to get to more stuff. That is just one thing on my todo list!

My look and furniture!
Tessio 4 Piece Rattan Seating Group with Cushions World Menagerie Cushion Color: Beige • BEIGE • Sold Out
Outdoor Seat Cushion Winston Porter Fabric: Coral • $27.99
Larrk Slip-On Sneaker • Madden-Girl • $49.99
London Rebel leopard trim lace up sneakers • London Rebel • Sold Out
Women’ lim Fit Rib Racerback Tank Top – Univeral ThreadTM • Universal Thread • $8
Wild Fable Women’s High Waisted iquid eggings – Wid FabeTM • $16
Opalhouse Printed Velvet Oversize Lumbar Throw Pillow – Opalhouse • Sold Out
Opalhouse Leopard Oversized Outdoor Lumbar Pillow – Opalhouse • Sold Out
Opalhouse Monkey Fringe Outdoor Pillow Green – Opalhouse • Sold Out
Women’s Honeycomb Long Sleeve Open Neck Layering Sweater – Universal ThreadTM • $27.99

Get some more of my real estate classes done! I am 70% done! And I am struggling with that damn math. I have never been good at it! So I will watch some YouTube videos on the math because the t chart is not settling in my brain, it sucks . Florida is Stupidly ending lock down , carona virus is still going nuts here. So do not be surprised if you see a spike in cases here.anyway, I might be able to take my test now, as soon as I finish!

Rip up the carpets in the bedroom and then paint! Yes! And also get more content on the blog!

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