Go home fashion you’re drunk.

Hi there friends! How are you!? I am writing a part of a new segment called go home fashion, you’re drunk! And this time it features something a bit um..I dont even know. But I do know that some of these jeans are $2000 a pop! For a pair of jeans that zip up around the butt and to the front.

Don’t believe me?

Check out Vetements new collab with Levis.

It is a site to behold.


This is the front view and from the front it isnt that much of a *what the hell is this,the hell is that.* kind of thing. Zippers down the legs and down the center of your bum. Yup. This takes jeans to a whole other level.



Take a look from behind..I can just see this going all sorts of wrong. People will be people and all will take is one person or child to grab that zipper and then all of a sudden a draft. I do not know if I could even do the ripped up butt jeans that have been floating around instagram on some people. I would constantly feel like it was ripping worse(my ocd and this why I dont own ripped jeans.)

vetement and levis collab

I am all for the recreation of the denim look. A way of having an edge when it comes to pieces that really have become oh so basic. Reinventing the jean is a hard task. But, is this the way to go about it? Is this just Vetement trolling us? Could be and it is rather Cheeky of them if so. Vetements has some really beautiful clothes and this one, just is so out there for me.  A bit bizarre but that is something that happens a lot in fashion right? The bizarre the weird and the fascinating.

What do you think of these butt baring jeans? Will these catch on?  I blame my husband for making me look at these with him, last night.  First saw these on a post from Bustle

And Holy Batman they have shorts too!!! AHAHAHAHAH I am about to break my spleen laughing. Over the zipper and the fact they are $1000. But to each their own right?


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  • Bree April 14, 2017 at 1:33 AM

    Why is this a thing? And how does it work?! I’m so confused. All I am sure of is, is those pants cannot possibly be comfortable! I’m looking forward to this new segment and I just adore the cheeky name!

    • Stephanie April 14, 2017 at 10:49 AM

      I know right?! It is just bizarre. Hahaa I thought the same thing. And people will unzip the back when in public. You know they will. Hahah


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