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Hi there friends well, what a road this has been! I am finally finished with posting the new blog, and trying to get all the kinks out. I posted something earlier and it was not showing up and then bloglovin was saying I didnt post and yet it shows…anyways. Welcome friends to Glamorous and Geeky! YES! I finally did it! Finally changed the name! After all this time! If you have been following my blog for a while you may have seen me talk about it over a million times. Such is life right? I didn’t like my original blog’s name. It sounded spammy and it didn’t work for me. And So, after many many years of “should I” or “Shouldn’t I?” I pulled the darned bandaid off and went for it. It was my 2017 resolution after all. That and buying shorts. WHich I have yet to do. Hmph. Go me.

Anyways. I am back and Actually I am indeed wearing black today. HAHAHA. But still, back and I am so excited. I am loving this new name and so far the response for it has been amazing!!! LOVE IT! so If you are wondering if you should change your blog name, think about it long and hard. And if it something you feel soo strongly about DO IT! DO IT! Just be smart about it. Do the redirect, change your social media, and work it! And if you are just starting out, pick a good name. Something that means something to you, what your blog is about or not even. Just something you enjoy! And have fun!


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