Get ready with me and history! The Dancing plague !

Hey guys and happy Wednesday, today on my channel I uploaded my next Get Ready with me and history! Today it is about the dancing plague! The video is linked to below! I feel like with all my studying that my blog has taken a back seat, and I feel at times I am not doing right by it. But once I get that license that will change and I will put more time to it. Because this blog keeps me sane! Sane sane sane!

You know what isn’t sane? The dancing plague of 1518.

This epidemic is a unique one because the whole thing is bizarre and not much is know if it really was a plague, or a bit of food or water poisoning, foreign influence or perhaps just good old mania. 

The plague of 1518 started in the streets of Strausberg (in modern day France ) where a woman started to dance and dance uncontrollably. It started with this in named woman (although some historians believe it was a lady named Frau troffia ) the incident would start out small with 50 people and then get up to a massive 400 dancing fools. Talk about a flash dance mob! 

We know about this whole thing due to record and accounts kept by city councils and churches and other docs. However, it was not known if anyone actually died of it.Although some would say 15 people would die each day from it.

The plague of 1518 is not the first recording of this weird epidemic, in fact the first recorded incident happened in December of 1020 during a Christmas Eve mass in Bernberg . It would happen again in the 1200’s only instead of to mostly women it happened at that time to the children traveling from Erfurt to Arnstadt. Think pied piper. Then in 1278 it happened again this time involving a mass group of people ,200 to be exact, danced across the bridge of the River Meuse causing its collapse. 

Then in 1374 the next outbreak of this mania or plague happened again in several countries England, Netherlands, Germany, and in 1376 it would get to France and Italy, as well as again in Germany, England, and the Netherlands.

Symptoms of the dancing plague are


Uncontrollable dancing,



Chest pain, 


Adversity to the color red(would make people violent and crazy)

Just to name a few 

Oh and screaming….yeah there was screaming.

Dancers would dance so much they would collaspe and end up feeling a bit of ecstasy. Some didn’t remember anything others I guess blurred memory.

This plague would die out by the end of the 17th century.

So what caused this bit of weirdness?

No one really knows.

One theory is that it was tainted grain . The grain was tainted with Ergot fungi and the fungi release as psychotropic chemical called egrotamine which is a component in making LSD-25. So it could have been a bit of a trip… or tainted water from Meuse.. or maybe just mania cause by power of persuasion. The original lady or people who started the “plagues” may actually have been sick and the others just influenced by it all joined in perhaps. 

While women were mostly to blame(go figure and consider the track record of how men treated women back then), it affected men, women and children. There were recorded track records of some women who every year for 21 years and another 32 would have these incidents near the St Vitus church.Maybe it was something in the communion wine? 

I guess we will never really know.

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