Get ready with me and history! The apis bull and the twins.

Hello friends it is that time again! It is Wednesday and that means it is time for another bout of history! Today we are talking about the Apis bull and the twins! It is a pretty interesting story one that I first heard about when watching Ancient Egyptians the episode was called the twins. And I thought I would share the story with you all here as well as on the channel! Believe me the video is more entertaining that my ramble with words here on the blog.
but one thing I didn’t really mention was the Apis bull. I mean I did in the description of the video. But not really in the video itself.
the twins is the account by Ptolemaios written in about 153 BC and it is the account of the horrible treatment of a set of twins by their own mother and step brother. It was such a sad tale of events.

watch the video here

Now I know it is nowlate, wow this post is all over the place. But I had no sleep Tuesday all. So I didn’t get much done Wednesday. Including this blog post. And here it is Thursday and I am still behind.once my test is over tomorrow I think I can put a bit more into my blog as I had planned!
Or may have to study a bit more. Things don’t always go as planned.

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