Gap sweat suit. Traveling with kids.

I am currently running on no sleep folks. Having a child on the spectrum and traveling can be hard. They don’t want to sleep in unfamiliar places and that means you are up with them all night. My kid is an eloper, so it is really hard. And match that with allergies to dogs, my in laws have a dog, you get a severely tired mom. And a dad who apparently can sleep through it all, lucky man.

So while up since…um all night. I figured I would write a bit on the blog here.

My travel story. Everything up to TSA was great, then TSA wanted to do a pat down on me for having formula, sealed formula btw. I felt weird about that, especially since my husband was getting patted down a foot away. And the TSA agent guy was insistent on me getting one. My kids were right there, there was a line of people trying to get around me and I have an autistic kid trying to escape and a soon to be 2 yr old tantrum throwing. I was like seriously? As i am trying to get allllll of our shit of the conveyer belt. And it was a mess. I am like the formula is sealed, you guys just scanned it, was it neccessary? Asking this important question while trying to get all our crap together, while holding my kids for dear life , and my husband is still getting searched. Part of me feels like the dude was being a creep. Is this how you get your kicks sir?The other part is like, I get it, tsa has regulations. But um you can clearly see I am in a frazzled freak of a mess. And I then said fine, my husband can do it. Which threw the guy for a loop. I guess he didn’t believe me that my husband was a foot away getting searched only to be quickly searched again. “She volunteered you for a search! Since you have formula” It was the small 8 oz premixed liquid formula for toddlers. We then, after the search, got all our crap together and headed to the gate. One kid happy that mommy didn’t throw the formula out so he could have it and stop being angry and the other that he could finally sit and watch the planes. It was smooth sailing from there, and my kids were so awesome on the flight. The littlest slept the whole way and the oldest was happy with his kindle and looking out the window. He was in heaven and having fun. That is until we hit a lot of turbulence. He was nervous and a but scared. But he never cried and held my hand squeezing it when it was bad. The tiny slept. Lucky him. Hahaha. Then our luggage was lost. It was one of those days. At least I was dressed for super comfort, wearing my gap sweatpants and hoodie and new Old Navy canvas slip on shoes, which are easy for removal!

I regret not having the stroller along. Ugh. Never again.

Traveling with kids, my advice. For lap infants make sure you have a birth certificate or a hospital record showing proof of age if under 2! Make sure you get some lolly pops for take off. Invest in the backpack with a harness and tether for runaways kids. Bring something for them to do. Wear them out at the gate. While waiting take them for walks around and get that pent up anxiety out. If turbulence keep calm and assure them it is ok. Give them a fave stuffed toy to hold. And headphones are a good thing to have for the kids.

Hope this helps. And be sure to share some of your fave airport stories. Vent if you need to!

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