Funny fab Friday.

Hi there friends! ! Happy Friday!  Sorry the blog has been sparse,I have been on a clean up the house mode. Or whatever you want to call it. And then yesterday I got an email from Pinterest about my most popular pin. Ready?


Yes.This pin on my board has been repinned 1126 times. Yeah. This pin of Thranduil from the movie The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies has been my number one pin for weeks. Why?
Well this pin, which I pinned from someone else,who got it from tumblr, I put something funny on the caption. “Thranduil. Can not wait for the movie!! And a big thing of popcorn all Paula Deaned up with butter.”
The  comment section erupted with some hilarious insight about “Paula Deaning ” him with butter.
To which when I read that I laughed so hard I choked on air. Yes that is a thing.



My Kingdom of Geek is on of my most popular  boards. The fandoms are strong. So be sure to check it out and geek out with me!

Which speaking of geeking out, um did you know they made a pair of “nerd pants” of Benedict Cumberbatch? Yes, this is a thing. Which leaves me wondering why?

Do we really need pants with his face on them? I am all about nerding it up but, there can be a limit. (Says the girl who has a Loki shirt, the ONE RING pants, and a desire to own every sword from the LOTR movies.) Poor guy.

But these Cumberbitch leggings which are being sold for $80 on Poprageous might be a bit too much.  And I couldn’t stop laughing about this when I read the headline yesterday. I just had to share this.


You can get the matching shirt too.  How do you feel about these? Excuse me while I fall over laughing.


  • Caitlin January 24, 2015 at 2:51 PM

    Haha, love that ‘pin all the things’ meme!

    • Stephanie January 24, 2015 at 6:54 PM

      Thanks! ! That is me in a nutshell. Hahaha pin all the things! 🙂 So addicted to Pinterest


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