Flour,cranberries, and pie fillings


Cherry Raspberry deep dish

Hello Gofashiondeals friends! It is one day until Turkey day! I have to say I am insanely excited about this. I love food and I love eating it!

I got to go on a quick walk with my little man and hopefully we can get outside and do some pictures of the outfit of the day. If not there will be some tomorrow. It has been raining really badly here.

But, I figured I would share some pics of the pies I am making.

I am making Apple, cherry-raspberry, and of course pumpkin pies today!



I love making pies. They are so easy to make. 🙂 And delicious.

I am happy to have mostly everything done for tomorrow. I have a few more things to make before a road trip. I have to make green beans wrapped in bacon tomorrow and make sure that everything else is OK. What are your favorite dishes for Thanksgiving? 



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