Hm shirt and aango skirt and ALDO shoes

First Trimester Style The non Maternity Pencil Skirt.

Hm shirt and aango skirt and ALDO shoes

I love this silly pencil skirt from MANGO, it looks so cute with so many different tops. What I love is that it is a stretchy skirt! This skirt is actually not maternity. The thing is I am at that awkward phase of pregnancy where you have a bump, but not a big one. And regular clothes still fit some and others fit a bit tighter which makes you get the belly band. This awkward stage makes it so hard to dress. I mean it isn’t painstakeningly hard. It just that pre-big belly stage. It is a cute little bump, but still it is that phase that looks like a food baby kinda. HAHAHA. And the thing is since this is my second baby I am showing sooner than when I was pregnant with my son. Which can happen to a lot of women. I already had to buy a lot of maternity clothes. Which is why I love shopping at H&M for my maternity clothes. They are fairly inexpensive and I can still dress like me. Mango has maternity as well, which I am wanting to order some stuff from later in my pregnancy to spruce up my tired maternity fashions. I am determined to be as stylish as possible this time, I am determined to do a lot of things different this time.

Hm shirt and aango skirt and ALDO shoes So what to do about this awkward phase? Well, stretchy materials are a good start. Like this skirt from MANGO and this cu0te tee from H&M. These are comfy pieces that have enough stretch for the wee bump and I can probably get more wear out of them for a bit longer. When styling the bump you do not have to do those “traditional” maternity empire waist only styles. Choose different fabrics, choose bodycon, wear those jeans or get some leggings with details. I plan on wearing my graphic tees throughout this pregnancy and wearing skirts like tulles and chiffons. Like in this outfit here. If you are like me and some of the pregnancy styles do nothing for you get normal stuff and size up a bit. The cool thing is after baby you can still wear that stuff, and if need be you can have it altered.

Hm shirt and aango skirt and ALDO shoes For this outfit I decided to tuck the tee in and wear it like I normally do. I can also see that working through out pregnancy. My last pregnancy I carried a bit high until the very end. Of course by then I will probably be wearing comfy pants and not caring about anything but getting that baby out, but until then. Yeah. Wearing things like this I like. I tried wearing my tee outside of the skirt and it just seemed to make my body look shorter. SO, if you are on the petite side it could make your proportions smaller looking. Wearing the tee and skirt like this draws the eye up and elongates. Adding the big statement necklace adds that extra touch and for my bag I chose my new Dooney and Bourke bag. Which I plan on using as a diaper bag when the baby comes along! I just wanted to show it off right now, because it is on sale!

Dooney and Bourke Bumble Bee bagIt is so cute! And While it is not a traditional diaper bag, I thought I would be perfect as one! Those side parts work well for bottles(already tried it) and It has a lot of room inside and things can be easily grabbed! A great bag!

First trimester style the non maternity pencil skirtFirst trimester style the non maternity pencil skirtMY little, he did not want to be in the pictures fully. He wanted to explore a little bit. This shoot took longer than normal because I was constantly looking behind me. OR, he would walk right in front of the camera and you would get a nice picture of his nose or the inside of his mouth. Which is really funny but not helpful to mommy. And then he would sit in front of me and play his train game on his kindle.

First trimester style the non maternity pencil skirt First trimester style the non maternity pencil skirtFirst trimester style the non maternity pencil skirtGot to love blogging with kids.

Steal my style!

Shirt: H&M non maternity( I sized up)

Skirt: MANGO non maternity

Shoes: ALDO

Bag: Dooney and Bourke on sale!

Necklace ZAFUL not available similar here

Lips Urban Decay vice city trap queen

Hat: H&M similar

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