Finding my curly hair routine. FINALLY!

Happy Friday friends! Ok, so my family all has straight hair, all of them, well maybe my dad has curly hair. He shaves his head so I can not remember. Anyways, I have always had a love hate relationship with my hair. And it is more hate than love!  It is mainly because I never had anyone who knew how to take care of it tell me how to care for it!

That friends, sucks. So now after all these years, and I do mean years I think I have found the right routine and products for my curly weird hair. My hair that turns into Magenta’s hair from Rocky Horror Picture.


Seriously it gets out of control. EESH.
So what do I use now?

Start with shampoo and conditioner.

Use something that is good for curls and has a lot of moisture in it. When your hair is curly it can be predisposed to being dry AF. And curly hair can break real easily. So using a good shampoo and conditioner is key.

For shampoo I am now using a shampoo that has smoothing effects and argan, coconut and lavender oils. It smells amazing and great price point!This stuff is so good for your hair and the planet as it made from recycled products. And The love beauty and planet smells amazing! The conditioner didn’t work for me.

Conditioner is by Redken, I have been in an off and on again relationship with Redken for years. And with my new found conditioning treatments and sprays I thought why not give their All Soft mega conditioner a go again!

And I was super happy with the results of the shampoo and then this conditioner!! I am a happy panda guys! My hair feels silky without the other products, but one thing, this stuff alone wont cure the humidity frizz. But, the other stuff listed will help!

Leave in conditioners . 

I always am trying to find a great leave in conditioner. With curly hair, whether straightened or left natural(Scary) I need the extra help. And Using Sheamoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen and Restore Leave-In Conditioner. This stuff I put on the ends of my hair when I hop out of the shower and follow up with the BrioGeo Rosemilk spray, which smells amazing too by the way. I am obsessed with hair products that smell so good.

Shea Moisture strengthen and restore leave-in conditioner.

Shea Moisture strengthen and restore leave-in conditioner.

A good 3 in 1 primer. I have been trying to find a heat protectant that wont make my hair feel like straw. I have used some by Loreal and by Chi, both have left my hair feeling stringy and also heavy. Then I got a sample of this in a Boxycharm. This spray by Eva NYC smells fantastic and leaves my hair feeling so good, it also protects my hair when I use my flat iron. And best thing is it helps with the frizz too!

I also invested in a decent boars hair brush. I heard it was great for spreading the natural oils. So, I have been using that with great results for my dry curly hair.Have you tried any of these products?

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