Femmeluxe Finery lace sleeved top . #luxgal

Femmeluxe Haul March

Just one minute, she says to her children as she steps into blogger mode. In order to chapter the semi awesome photos of her new clothes from Femmeluxe Finery!
This recent haul is amazing! Now that I have sizing figured out I can order with ease. My sizes tend to sell out quick in things.
which is ok.
The dress I have on is one of the cutest polka dot heart dress! It fits really well!And the ruffles are right on trend!

Now if you like this dress, just know that Femmeluxe Finery has an abundance of beautiful dresses! Dresses worth checking out are their Corset dresses, along with the one I have on! I can see wearing this dress with my OTK boots or some adorable sandals. Although being at home in lockdown means no shoes!

This is such a romantic top, the lace sleeves and the poofiness of the sleeves are fantastic. They make me think of Victorian or Edwardian era clothes. In style, not sure any of the ladies would wear full on lace sleeves like this. Anyways, this top would be excellent with some of Femmeluxe Finery’s Trousers or Jeans. It is a cropped tee, and luckily the skirt I have on was high waist. It hid the waist trainer/corset I am wearing.

This corset thing is nice! It pushes my Diasitic reci back in, which I need. And the confidence level went way up! Plus this trainer or corset is making me want to take the splurge on some corsetry. And I think I found a company worth trying. Maybe.Anyways I am super pleased with this undergarment. I was able to exercise and everything in it and it didn’t kill me. I have it on the loosest setting. I am not looking to make my waist smaller,but to smooth things out and help the diastisis . Hey maybe with this shapewear I can finally get back in to some body suits, and Femmeluxe does have Black Lace Body suits.

Femmeluxe Finery lace sleeved top . #luxgal

You can not wear a top like this without being all dramatic, right?

Now last but not least another gem! This tee is the last bit from my haul! I love it! And it is summing up my day perfectly! My toddler is sick and the oldest is bored. And I am going crazy from lack of sleep!

Send help, or send some Champs! Or some moscato in the very least!

This post is in collaboration with Femmeluxe finery. tHank you for reading!


  • Molly March 18, 2020 at 3:28 AM

    Very cute post, Stephanie. I love the polka dot dress the most. It’s cute, sexy, fun, and carefree all at once!

    • Stephanie March 18, 2020 at 8:21 AM

      I love it too! And will be perfect for really hot days!


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