Femmeluxe Finery shopping haul and try on.

HI guys, it is time for another Femmeluxe Finery Try on haul! I am loving these Femmeluxe Finery try ons! I ordered a few to try out and here is what I am thinking. My goal as always is to give you an honest review. 

So I got four more items from Femmeluxe finery and I was a bit of a mix in my thoughts. I am loving the over all design of the denim and these stretchy trousers. But, and I am having a bit of trouble with their pants in a particular area of my legs and mid section when it comes to their clothes. 

The jeans were super cute and had a great 90s grunge feel to them. But there is an issue, I couldn’t sit in them. I could not bend down in them. My midsection was being cut into two. So where the pants hit on the waist is where my mom tum diastasis is and well that made this a bit hard for me. 

There seems to be a common issue with trousers with Femmeluxe and it is super disappointing.  Their sizing is not so great and I really wish that the fabric that is supposed to go over the butt would actually go over the butt. It goes all the way up and over your navel and seems to forget how to do the same with the backend.

Unless you are buttless and have no mom tum. They picture a lady on their site who has curves, she has hips and butt. The clothes look like they fit her perfectly. Me? My body ends up feeling off and it does not help my body image issues. I end up feeling like I am the one with a problem. The sizes are not inclusive.  There are no larger sizes.

I was really hopeful with these jeans but nope they do not fit the way they should. And there was a bit of the old school jogging pants. But those made me look horrendous and the fit was not flattering and I will never wear those. The tent look is not good.

I am not one to share my mid drift at this moment in my life. Yuck. And this shirt is, ugh, a crop top. However, it is super cute and I do love the design. Just wish the damn pants fit me the way they should and I could wear it with out the need to keep stretching it down ward.

The trousers pictured are actually cute, and I really do like them. It comes down to a fit issue and sizing. I am not a stick figure anymore. And it wont fit me. Needless to say,If I were to return things, I would be returning all of these items except the tee.

What to take away from this try on, the sizing is not good. At. All. Period. I know plenty of women who wear their clothes and they have no issues with the clothes fitting them. I think it is a matter of sizing and body weight or size. Hate saying that. And again, I have seen on insta that many women do not have an issue with sizing.

Again size inclusive, no. Cute stuff for the smaller gals? Yes. Do I wish they would fix the sizing ? Fuck yes. I believe that if clothing companies want to survive now they need to be better at sizing. Have size inclusion and really truly understand how a women’s body is so clothes fit properly.

Now I have had some jewels in Femmeluxe and I wear them alot. The snake print loungewear set, the pink stretchy trousers fit as pants really should! The sweater dress, lbd, and the white dress fit amazingly.

I just think they fall short on their trousers and some of the tops. But as with everything, I say try it out yourself. Femmeluxe Finery also has bags and accessories, as well as shoes! You may have a much different experience than me.

This post is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own. Clothes were provided as part of compensation.

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