Femmeluxe Finery haul and try on, luv it!

Hi friends! Time for another Femmeluxe finery haul and try on! This time round I am seriously so happy with the clothes I got! Everything fits! Everything fits really good! And I am so in love with it all! 

I got some great Femmeluxe Finery picks and really love everything! I know i keep saying that but the truth is the truth and I am a happy mama! The one thing I made sure to pick was a glittery party dress! And I am so happy with this glittery party dress from Femmeluxe Finery! The fit was good and it is super stretchy which is what I was scared of it not being! 


Femmeluxe finery haul and try on

This Glitter party dress is much more sparkly in person, just so you know. I will re shoot this in a more styled post later. For the initial posts you know I love to try on and do a real time thought on the things I got in my haul!

I will say it may need a slip or some shapewear to hide my mum tum.

Femmeluxe finery haul and try on

Yeah shapewear needed! I know it sounds so vain in this age of body positivity, but for me, I feel it would make me more comfortable in it.

Femmeluxe finery haul and try on

This was my favorite look. The sweater dress paired with the vinyl pants, not necessarily a combination you would think of. But, I feel this would balance it all out . The sweater tones down the vinyl leggings and makes it more wearable for ever day!

Femmeluxe finery haul and try on

The sweater itself is soft and cozy. This Femmeluxe Finery sweater dress is a great item for fall and winter.

what do you think of my Femmeluxe finery haul?

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  • Shelbee on the Edge December 3, 2019 at 1:38 PM

    I love it, Stephanie! I am really loving sweater dresses right now even though they are not the most flattering on me. They are just so cozy! Thanks for linking up.



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