Femme Luxe shopping for some Lounge Wear Sets.

I love me some comfy clothes, we all know this. Nothing beats having a just rolled out of bed look that actually looks like you can wear it in public. And so when Femme luxe reached out to me to review some items, I found that there was a lot of lounge wear sets to be found. Although most are cropped. Which begs me to ask this question…. does everything have to be a crop top? Sometimes we ladies want to hide the tum.

Especially when temps start dropping. But maybe that is just me and I am becoming an old lady.  I will start telling stories with “picture it, August 2019…”


Femme Luxe lounge wear sets finding clothes appropriate for me. #ootd #fashionblogger
wearing the RHIANA Sweater dress and faux crocodile leggings.

This look here is not a matching set, but I picked out this fabulous sweater dress for fall and winter. We all know how much I love black and this dress will look amazing with some boots and also with leggings like the ones I have on here. It is a comfy outfit and the sweater is more like a tee in heaviness. Which is great! Especially in weather like we have here. And did I mention it is super comfy? Comfy, comfy, comfy and more comfy stuff! And this dress is great to wear with jeans.

Wearing Femme Luxe co ord matching lounge set #ootd #fashionblogger

Yes comfy clothes, clothes that can be sexy without needing to alwats be a bodycon style. I am not saying I want to dress as a paper bag or as a box. But, I do want comfy but also really stylish. Also, when you have kids and have to go on a ton of errands and doctor appointments, you need outfits that are simple to throw together and look like a million bucks.

An outfit that is something that is easy to jump into and run out the door!

And Femme Luxe offers that with stylish co ords and lounge wear sets

Wearing Femme Luxe co ord matching lounge set #ootd #fashionblogger

This white matching co ord is just a perfect outfit to just throw on and go! JUST be sure to wear nude colored undies….because it will definitely show! And no one really wants to go through that. It can be a bit embarrassing. Don’t you think?

Wearing Femme Luxe co ord matching lounge set #ootd #fashionblogger

This is such a great bit of matching lounge wear! Only wish it would breathe a bit better, but then it is really muggy hot here! And it is super muggy, even when it is 75 degrees. Mind you that 75 degrees only last until 8 AM. After that it is unbearably hot and humid and you just feel miserable being outside, no mater what you are wearing.

Wearing Femme Luxe co ord matching lounge set #ootd #fashionblogger
Wearing Femme Luxe co ord matching lounge set #ootd #fashionblogger

This matching lounge set from Femme Luxe is right on trend with the fall being all about animal prints(as if it were ever going away) and this python print is amazing. This is a matching co ord or lounge wear what ever you want to call this, is a great idea for a mom on the go or anyone really who doesn’t want to think about the outfit that they may want to wear. This python set is comfy,stretchy, and fabulous! This is the perfect matching lounge wear set for reading a book in for sure and then putting on heels and going out in!

I really am happy with this selection of matching lounge wear, and everything I picked can be mixed and matched with each other. I always look at how things will look with other pieces in my closet. Can these things be worn with other things that I already have? Will they be OK for winter, for fall? How about summer and spring? And finally will the clothes work for my lifestyle as it is right now? These are questions that I really ask myself before any clothing purchase.Luckily for me, these clothes from Femme Luxe will work out just fine for me and my closet.

Have you shopped with FemmeLuxe before?

This post is sponsored by Femmeluxe finery, items were gifted to me for my review, all opinions are 100% my own.


  • Mary Vasquez August 30, 2019 at 5:36 PM

    Loved this article!!! And loved the looks! Heading over there now!

    • Stephanie September 2, 2019 at 9:33 AM

      Thank you! They have a lot of great things!


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