top nars and toofaced buys from Nordstrom rack buys

Feeling Toofaced and NARSisitic


top nars and toofaced buys from Nordstrom rack buys

Until recently I have not even thought about buying makeup from Nordstrom Rack. To be honest, I never knew they sold makeup there. I know that is silly. They sell at a super discounted price some products that are either being phased out or surplus.

When I saw the Urban Decay powder I then looked for some of my fave brands like Too Faced and saw the Cocoa powder I use on sale!!! For under 20 bucks!!! Holy crap guys, you bet your pretty butts I bought some. And will be stocking up on my faves at those awesome prices. If you know someone that uses these items and they need a holiday gift, these would be perfect!


Too faced Cocoa powder

This powder smells so good and is a buildable coverage! It stays put and doesn’t get oxidized like some other powders and foundations. It was under $20 and so I got it! And that was not all, I found some great items from who else? NARS!

Nars Liquid lipstick

NARS lip products are among the best in my humble opinion. I love their lip pencils and lip crayons. So I figured I would love their liquid lippies too! And I DO! It is creamy and it lasts a long time. But it is not a stain just so you know. Still worth it!

Too Faced and NArs makeup. Feeling Too faced and NARSissitic.

The color I got was a rich winey red color. It has all the goodness of the holidays in this tube of color. And it feels good on the lips. The powder smells like chocolate so I feel like a walking chocolate bar wearing the stuff. It is so good.

WORTH it. And so let me share some other Too Faced and NARS goodies from Nordstrom Rack!


  • Gabrielle December 4, 2018 at 7:40 AM

    I’ve heard so many fabulous things about Nordstrom Rack via blogging – and seen some incredible deals including these!! x

    • Stephanie December 12, 2018 at 9:18 PM

      They are great but I had one purchase go weird! I was sent kids shoes instead of my SAm Edelman heels.


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