Favorite sweaters for fall.

I love sweaters so much! In fall and winter thete is nothing better than curling up on the couch with a good book and cozy sweater! So since due to am injury to my neck and shoulder this past week I hadn’t been able to take photos for the blog. Hoping that this week I can get some done.

Until then back to the sweaters.

Thicker knit sweaters are so great for those crisp cold days, granted we don’t have many of those but right now this past week we kind of did! I love thick wooly sweaters like the one I am wearing from SHEIN. These are sturdy and so cozy.

More sweaters here:

No matter what, you can not gonwrong with a cute graphic sweater or hoodie. And the cool thing is these can be representative of any holiday coming up! I love wearing these with comfy leggings or faux leather pants.

More sweatshirts here:

Looser knit sweaters like this one from H&M, are great for warmer fall days where it is lower 70s and 60s here. The loose knit allows the swester to breathe. And I love these with all sorts of different bottoms. Like skirts, jeans, leggings..you name it.

Loose knit:


Off shoulder and oversized necked sweaters. Sweaters like these just mix things up more in fall outfits. Not so basic but oh so good. I love the fact that they can really make an outfit seem that much extra.

Off shoulder sweaters.


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  • Nikki Living Life November 8, 2018 at 9:32 AM

    Sorry to hear about your injury Stephanie. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Loving all your sweater weather picks. I am living in my sweaters from SHEIN. They do have some great choices. Need to check out H&M for the loose fit knits.



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