Fashion according to a 3yr old and Zaful Review.

Zaful skirt

If you have a child you know that they have more than likely follow you into the closet. And they are very very opinionated people. So Saturday, when I was standing in my closet complaining about nothing to wear (I know I really shouldn’t. MY closet is exploding.) My tiny Child had a new perspective. He saw on the hanger something from my Zaful haul my new Zaful skirt and liked how shiney it was. Ok, Skirt check, so what about shirt? He picked what any 3yr superhero loving child would, he went straight for my Captain America shirt. And that is awesome! I kind of wish I got a picture of the two of us in Cap shirts, he has one. Ha. Anyways, my son picked this outfit out and I just rolled with it. I didn’t get pictures on the day except for a quick snap on IG. @gofashiondeals. And I promised I would have a a post up on Monday, which is today.


Skirt C/o Zaful

And today, being Cyber Monday I have teamed up with Zaful to bring you something special!

The skirt is metallic and so perfect for the season. It is all about how you style it, because it is a tricky thing to style. It really is. Wow. But, taking my son’s outfit in mind, I think it worked out well. He has good taste right?


The skirt is lined(thank god) and it has some good flowyness, I kind of wish there was more, but I get what I get. RIght? It is close to the picture and very affordable. What I like about companies like Zaful is that you can get great trend items and not worry about your wallet crying about it later. Especially when it is $21.99 that is really affordable for a great skirt. Now the size I got this in a small and maybe should have gone up a size. But it still fits well (just not when PMS hits.) Now, I have a funny story about this skirt. Ready to hear it?

Damn right you are!

OOTD Feat Zaful

OK, so when I got the skirt in I marveled see what I did there, hah at the sheer beauty of the skirt. Then I took it out to inspect the shirt, and I was happy with it! And then went to try it on as I saw that it was elastic waist( YAY!) . Um the damned thing wouldn’t get up over my thighs. OK, wait it gets better. Mind you I had my coffee, OK. Just so you know. Anyways, I was like OH god! Now, Zaful has awesome customer service and I wasn’t worried about the fact I may have had to send it back. BUT, then I saw something. REady for this? You all will love this. A zipper. The skirt has a zipper. ldfjw98a4y594y ui bhrwlahro;34r! (that was me swearing at myself that day!) OK, A zipper! IT HAD A FREAKING ZIPPER! Captain AMERICA save me it had a zipper! SO then I unzipped the skirt and WOOP it went right on and fit pretty well. Crisis averted! SO, ladies and gents. ALWAYS LOOK FOR A ZIPPER. because I was struggling all over my bathroom. UGH.



Metallic skirt trend

YOu may now proceed to calling me a dork. I know I am. I even almost fell trying that skirt on. SO, always look.

Processed with VSCO



OK, sorry I am talking your ears off. But, I fought where to shoot this outfit. I wanted to do some test picks at my parental units house to see about this little bamboo jungle, and love it. But for this outfit a more industrial look was needed. Right?

Processed with VSCO

I look like I am breaking into my own house or a villain of somesort.




AND I am also hosting a give away with ZAFUL!!! Since I made you suffer through my chattiness today! HAHAHA


 GIVE AWAY!!!!!!


Readers need to leave comment which include their favorite product link in the activity page leave e-mail at the same time

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That’s it!

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THis post was in collaboration with ZAFUL all opinions are 100 % my own. Thank you to the sponsors and readers like you that make this blog possible!

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