Fantastic Friday! Chanel goodies.


Yesterday I went shopping to get some Christmas shopping done early. And made a stop at one of my favorite beauty counters. Chanel. Oh do they have my love.
I got a wonderful new eyeliner and new lip color. As well as some great samples to try.


I picked up a new coral lip color and a brown liquid eye pen. And my makeup artist said it is time for serums and stuff. They want to help preserve the “Elsa” face. I guess at thirty I should. I used to work for Clinique so yeah I know how important it is.

And that made me think about my skin care routine. I get asked alot how I stay looking so youthful. Here is some of what I do.

I use Clinique 3 – step religiously. 2 times a day. I don’t sun worship. I use a sunscreen. I love Clinique City Block.
And now I have introduced Chanel Hydra Beauty Serum. I have used Total Turn around serum by Clinique before.  Which is a bit cheaper than Chanel.
Oh and I take off my makeup with cleansers for my skin type every night. Or at least I try.
I Do splurge on my beauty products. Skincare wise. Yes, I guess I am high maintenance.  But, I have tried other stuff and I always end up back to Clinique.


What are your favorite beauty products?  What is your must have?

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