Fall colors! Mustard yellow and white!


Pants H&M

Shoes ALDO love these by Sam Edelman

Bag: Justfab similar

Belt Gucci

OK, so it has been a hot minute since my last post. Things have been so hectic here, doctors have been taking up all my time. With a boy with autism that happens a lot, you spend a lot of time in specialist’s offices. Appointments everyday are not something we are not unaccustomed to. It is our life now, and that is OK. But, there has not been time for something, or someone. Who you may ask? ME! FREAKING ME! I have been neglecting myself again. Not good. I have not been giving myself any me time, and that friends it hard not to do. I worry that if I am not always around for my family that things will go boom. And even though my husband will take care of our kids, I still always think, wait I need to take care of everything. And that is not something that you should do, or allow. Everyone including a mom need a day off. If you are a sahm, you need a day away from the house, no kids. If you are wm, it may feel different because you are working. And I have been both, and as a working mom, I wanted to be with my baby 24/7 on my day off. Now as a SAHM, I need a day away for my own sanity.

Is that bad? NO.

That is mental self preservation, and with PPD it is necessary.


So, fall is in full swing for some places more than others. Here in Florida, it is hot as hell but we still are doing fallish things, even if the pumpkin spice is cold brew. Styling fall outfits are more challenging in hot climates, since you know wearing a scarf could cause a heat stroke. We still want that fall vibe, so I chose colors representative of fall. Mustard yellow, once again is a color you can not pass up! As well as oranges, and wine colors. Add some leopard print and you have a great fall look!

I brought out my leopard heels, made of mohair, and these are not too high in the heel, as my diastis is still an issue. But I love these heels, they are so pretty!


Jeans H&M

Shoes Aldo love these Sam Edelman

Bag: Justfab similar

Belt: Gucci

I wore these with my H&M white jeans, the thing about these jeans are they are a bit bigger in size than my Target jeans. Isn’t it weird that you can wear jeans in one brand in one size and then get to H&M and then have to size up 3 sizes. What the ever living F…….k! And they are on the verge of being too big, but one size down was impossible. Talk about a confidence destroyer! But, I tried on a few sizes got one I liked and then moved on.

Shirt Target

Jeans H&M

Shoes ALDO similar from Sam Edelman

Bag justfab similar

Belt ]gucci

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