Exhausted, all nighter again. This is rough.

Hello all and good morning! Grab your coffee and have a seat. Last night my poor little man woke up off and on all night. I don’t really know why, was it his teeth? Was he just not wanting to sleep? Or, was it separation anxiety? Maybe his excema was bothering him. He gets so itchy.

One thing is certain I am exhausted and he seems to have all the energy. This mama is on cup of coffee number two and I just ran out of K-Cups. Joy!

I am exhausted. And today we are going to try  potty training again. This is something I am having trouble with. The pediatrician wants him to be potty trained, but I am having trouble getting him to even SIT on the potty.

He just gets right back off the potty and runs off. What am I doing wrong? I have tried different suggestions from sitting it in front of the TV(which seems wrong) but just for him to get used to the potty. He ignored it. I tried doing a sticker chart but, he may be too young to understand the chart. He is only 18months. I have tried encouragement and he has to be put on the potty every two hours?

This is going to be a fun day, again. What have you tried to get your child potty trained and how old were they? Did you switch diapers? Did you stop using diapers all together(that was suggested too).

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