Elevated Target swimwear and keeping time with MVMT

Ok, so it is still hot as heck here, so after a great week of school and ot, we promised a beach day for the boys! So we did our usual Dunkin run and then off to New Smyrna beach, our fave Florida beach! The boys had fun in the sand and mommy got to wear her NON MATERNITY swimsuit from TARGET! And this sheer lace dress with a star pattern. I felt pretty great in that, although, I will say the initial try on was god awful. Tried on a medium and felt like a sausage. So, I went up to a size large, was happy that my butt fit and the girls fit. Dressing for this weird shell is hard. I will be happy to be back to my normal. I will be happy to not swell up randomly anymore! Seriously never get depo.

I found that this sparkly one piece swimsuit would look great under this shear dress.And this suit once I got the right size for me right now, I felt pretty darn good. Dare I say it? CONFIDENT! Which lately has been lacking.This is due to my body weight being on the fritz, and the depo causing weird swelling and inability to loose weight. But Target has stepped up it’s Swimwear game so I felt really good in this,even if I had to size up.


My husband made a comment that the swimsuit was confusing, mainly because he said it was as if it didn’t know what color it wanted to be. Which it is multi colored, so multi colored.

I love the colors, the style the only thing I would change is boob support. Come on! A bit of support for the girls in the larger size would be great. Other than that it is a beauty of a swimsuit. And I didn’t get poopy bottom from sitting in the water at the shore line with my son. What is poopy bottom? OK, that is where the sand collects in the swimsuit near the butt, so when you stand up it looks like your just went poo in your swimsuit. It is not fun, and it happened to me all the time in my old SPANX swimsuit. UH.

And the whole look was topped off by my new gorgeous watch and sunglasses from MVMT! These pieces looked so good with the suit and dress, that I can not wait to wear them again. The watch I did take off after shooting these pictures, as I was scared to ruin such a beautiful timepiece. And if you want to get $15 off your purchase use code ”glamorousandgeeky15” The watch I chose is a black metal watch with a gorgeous black face. This is such a stunning piece and you can wear it with litteraly anything! I also love that it fit right out of the box! Such a great piece and my hubby is jealous of my new piece. Mental note for Christmas, get him his own!

So, we had an over all fun day at the beach, and my older boy had the most fun! Running around and getting wet in the beautiful ocean.

He was living his best life! similar swimsuit for him here and here

Love him so much! SO do you think Target has stepped up it’s fashion game?

Shop my look!


Lace dress

MVMT sunglasses c/o here


WAtch and sunglasses provided by MVMT for review as compensation.



  • Laura October 15, 2018 at 9:12 PM

    I’m so sorry you are still going through all of this! i really hope your body is able to get back to normal soon. That swimsuit is gorgeous on you! I love the shine and that dress is fabulous too!

    • Stephanie October 16, 2018 at 7:32 AM

      THank you laura! Me too, this is just horrible. never again.

  • Sincerely, Jennie October 16, 2018 at 10:46 PM

    How fun to wear a sheer dress with a swimsuit!

    • Stephanie October 19, 2018 at 12:44 PM

      yes!! I loved it!


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