Ebay funtimes and learning a lot.


I am still working the eBay stuff. I am learning a lot. Since my post office has issues I had to go to strictly using priority flat rate. Hurray for USPS…
Now that I have learned from mistakes on their part I won’t have anymore problems. I am still selling mostly holiday decor. You know Lemax village items and some designer stuff. But I have not hit bigger stuff just yet. It will come. I have also been reselling baby stuff. I figure someone will need it.  My blogs have taken a bit of a backseat and that is bad.  Not intentional. I am really busy with baby bear.
I have so much to post on from this new powder I have to nail polish woes. I need my nails put back on! That is another story. I have been posting on mama’s logue. But it is hard to talk about fashion and that kind of thing when you have to count every penny and eating at McDonald’s is even almost out of reach.

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