eBay at 7 A.M. Why?

Hi Gofashiondeals friends. I have been up since 5:54 A.M. This is thanks to my now 7 month old little man. He woke up and that meant mama had to get up too. So,what to do while I wait to wake up hubby? I should get my eBay stuff out of the way. That means poking around my account and seeing what has been bid on and what isn’t being bidded on. A lot of work and I do this every day. I may be a SAHM but this is my job, besides looking after my son.

I am trying to get set up to get my store up and running as an actual store. Gofashiondeals eBay store will happen. Yes. Eventually,but right now financial issues hasn’t allowed me to take that next step. I hate that but what can I do? This economy is poop. Well, I can not really blame the economy too much, look around people are spending money. Places are hiring, but the news stations don’t want you the people to see that. ahem.

I am selling my COACH planner and going back to my Franklin Covey planners. Why? Well, I liked the set up of the Franklin Covey planners better than COACH. They have a better set up and I feel more organized with them.Franklin Covey offers more viarety to go with your life. It is what they designed themselves for. And I can not wait to get back in the groove with my Franklin Covey planners.Free Shipping on Orders of $55 or More. Use Promo Code 21241

Franklin Covey Binder

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