Down with the funk

So I have been slow to blog posts. I have been sick, my kids are sick(again!), my hubby. And we are also dealing with my oldest insomnia . I started with a sore throat and then runny nose. Then the aches and pains. It has been hell. Utter hell. P.s. wearing the mask to keep kids from getting sick at my oldest therapies. This was before he got sick again.

I went to the store and was still under the weather, I needed the flonase for my nose issue and some tylenol for the pains.
I was so sick that I thought I bought a headband and searched my whole house thinking I set it somewhere. Nope I found the receipt and never bought it.

So after that I just layed on the couch wondering how I drove! It was just mind boggling! And then the baby got a straw I was using and now he is sick!! I cant win.

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