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DIY Holiday! Makin Ornaments.

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I am either a brave mom or a really crazy one. I let my son have free range with glitter. OH MY GOD. Why? Well, he loves art and making things and so we made glitter ornaments.


I was both crazy and brave. I have no more glitter….. #noregrets

When my tree decided to faint, we lost some ornaments and well. I needed shatterproof ornaments. And then I saw how much some of those cost! For a glitter ornament that is. WOW. And for $3 I couldn’t resist making our own. With the help from tiny child of course. We had the glitter, we had the talent. SO  what does this need?

Well craft supplies are easy and get them all cheaperoo at TARGET. The ornaments were $3 and I do believe they now sell the glitter at TArget by Martha Stewart. I have gotten the big pack of glitter 3 times over now! WORTH IT! Trust me. And you need Elmers spray adhesive in the can. Parents it is your job to spray the inside of the ornamnets, and the kids can pour in the glitter.

You also need a piece of parchement for the glitter that falls out of the ball, and you can pour it back into the container.

Anyways, spray the adhesive, and then add the glitter shake and roll the ball around. Then tip upside down on the parchment. Voila! Glitter ornament! And you had fun making a huge mess!! We had a glitter fight.

Glitter ornamentsI did the silver one as a test. It worked well and the Acid free spray wont turn a weird color. If you get any on the outside of the ball it will come off.

DIY ornamentsWe left some with loose glitter.

Its easy to make these and we had fun! Try it!

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