Creating content + wearing Zara and Femmeluxe

Ok, so we are still not decided on what floors to do. Just so you know we are slowly(snails pace) renovating our house. And we are trying to decide on what colors of floors we want and type. So, in the next few weeks the carpet going bye bye slowly and this is until we decide what to do. The carpets in the house are so awful and old, and the people who owned the house before us buying their renters did not take care of the house. This has been an on going project. And in future when ever we do sell this house and buy a new one, all I want to do is change paints! No massive reno. NONE.

Because damn, it is exhausting and time consuming.

My kids are both sick with bronchitus and ear infections and sinus infections. The whole bit. And well all my plans on content creation went out the window with no school until TUESDAY! What to do I thought. Well just do a bit here at the house and then go from there. Content creating…we have this picture now thanks to the blogger bosses on instagram that unless the photos are pristine, in an exciting location, styled 100% top notch editorial we are not the best content creators, influencers, bloggers. You get what I mean I hope.

And it is so hard to make things so perfect when life isn’t. Like these pictures, it is not perfect and a bit amateur, don’t you think? However, I think that is what makes us “micro influencers” so interesting. We are not all wearing things that are unobtainable by 90% of people, we are wearing things off the racks from H&M , Zara, Asos…etc . We work very hard to create the content that we do. Without much in return in some regards. We get offers of “collabs” for our hard work only to be ripped off because we do not have a million followers, bought or not.  We will work with you if you buy all our collection and then post all about it in 800 words and 4 instagram shots. UM NO. And to the bloggers who agree because they are being told they will get a “shout out”, please be aware they will never. They will probably steal your work and then shout out to the bigger accounts that they are paying to do so. Meaning you just got ripped off. Ouch.

Do not let that crap keep you from creating. Because your content can be something that people gravitate to and maybe you will get there to that place where you are making enough income to be able to make it a full time career. Fingers crossed it works for you, it hasn’t for a lot of us.

I love creating content for my blog and social. The main problem is me, the lack of people in my corner on a personal level, and time. I envy those who have all the above. And not having any of that makes it hard for me. My lack of sleep makes me want to rest instead of create. My constricted time schedule makes me want to do laundry instead of create. And yes there are women out there who DO.IT.ALL. And damn you ladies are rockstars. I wish I could. My own health and mental health issues make it hard for me as well as blogging without a cheering section.

*this blog post is getting longer and rambly  I blame the meds for my respitory funk for that. Wooohooo!*

So, today I said no! I went and created some content for the bloggeroo. I got this outfit on(had to get out of my overly comfy joggers…oh no not again…yes again…I am sick too you know.) and went wow, I want to create an outfit that is all the same tones. Browns and cream  and tan colors. All together to create a very muted outfit.  This is a dress from Femmeluxe Finery that I was gifted and do love very much! It fits well and it is not too tight! The rouching hides the mom blub.

I have to say I am really proud of how this all turned out. The photos turned out great although there were some duds thanks to a little 1 yr old crabby helper. He is adorable and crabby and cute and angry and mad at mommy for daring to give him the dreaded antibiotics! How very dare! The nerve! The audacity of me to make my child better by giving him an antibiotic he hates!

Mom’s you know how this is, we all have that one who refused their meds at all costs and we end up wearing it!

I am so happy with this outfit, and can not wait for an occassion to wear it out of the house. It should be noted I coughed my lungs out after this! Just thought I would share that.

What do you think about content creation? As a blogger how do you feel you have to create content. What drives you to make the best of your blog?

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