Creating a Pinterest worthy room for my boy.

I love Pinterest. When I was pregnant with little man I would spend hours on there looking at rooms and thinking about how to make my little one’s nursery. I had a lot of ideas and no money. I started with rock and roll; I ended up with Lion King. Which turned out great! It was cute and little man loves Simba. Still does even though he adores dinosaurs. Something he picked up from Peppa Pig. Her brother George love dinosaurs.

As my little man becomes more and more a toddler, I figured it would be good to go ahead and transition his decor and get him ready. He isn’t in a “big boy” bed yet. He is still a cribber.  But, his bedding is new and so him!
There are some dinosaur nursery items that match my son’s theme as it is the nursery part. Only smaller. I want the hamper and diaper holder. My boy has about outgrown his changing table. It had a diaper drawer. Something I will sell on my ebay store Gofashiondeals.

So, back to Pinterest.  I saw all the cute rooms and I think once done I will have that nursery/toddler room that I wanted for my most precious person in my life.
I have been tossing around if I should put up pictures. But, I am not done. It could be a work in progress thing. But I want a more finished picture. And it will look great.
What do you think? Should I put up the progress for little man’s Pinterest worthy room? 
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