Crafty Saturday. Bath crayons!!!

Hi there friends! How much do you or a little one in your life love baths? And how much do they love crayons? What if you could combine the two? Well you can. Crayola makes some great bath crayons. But would t it be awesome if you could make them on your own?




All you need is some bar soap. I like Dove. And some food coloring. Oh and a mold or cookie cutters.

shred the soap bar until you get shavings.



Then transfer  to a bowl . Then with a regular spoon, pour one to two spoons of warm tap water. Mix with a fork.




The first batch I used too much water. So try with one first. And remember you will be adding food coloring.



We went with green as it is Tiny child’s favorite color. He loves green. We flattened it out like dough and cut out green trees.



Here we learn patience. It must harden so I let it sit over night. And they are amazing and perfect for tub time.

The great thing about these is you can do these with the kiddies this summer. And they make great gifts! Plus they really work! I will do some with essential oils with half water to see if they work just as good. For some relaxing lavender bath crayons for little ones.

Have fun and get crafty! 🙂



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