Coupon the Sunday away

So, yesterday I couponed to death. But I feel I did a good job on what I got. For $200 worth of groceries I only paid $100. So 50% savings. I wanted more off. But when you shop with a hubby you spend more. We got ice cream with no coupons. However fellow readers if you are in FLORIDA Publix has Rozini pasta bogo and there is a coupon in the Orlando Sentinel for $1 off 2 boxes. So you are only paying $.49 for 2 boxes. That is incredible.  And Cvs if there is TgLee milk if you took advantage of the $1 rewards you can use that with a coupon in the paper for $1 and pay only $1.79. Plus you get back $1 in rewards. So, you can do it again if you want.  A big thing I am proud of was Similac soy for $1! If you are in the club you get $5 coupons in the mail. Use those on the ready to feed. And since the soy was on sale, I only paid $1 for the bottle. Which is great! My GERBER goodstart soy was only $3.47 for a box of 4 ready to feed. Now, I wanted to get Tidy cats for $5.99 but I didn’t get it. I stock up because I always forget to buy cat litter. I clean the litter box everyday. So I go through a lot. But, I forgot to buy it. I also am venturing back into the world of apple products. I sold my Asus, I need something more blogger friendly.  And IPad is. So we shall see what happens. 


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