Cosmetic surprises and BH cosmetics.

I loved Glossybox, at least when I was a member. It was like my own little surprise present to me. And I miss it. I miss that pink box, which made a great repackage box for gifts! Double use! I loved it. And I hope to be back with it.

This facial mask is something new I am trying that was from glossybox.

Uhhh the mask makes me look like a Mummy. It feels refreshing as stated on the package. Ah. Nice.
One more thing to mention. While on a cosmetically fueled post. I saw something on Facebook about BH Cosmetics. So, I am mentioning it.
Bh cosmetics Tropical sets are so bright! And me likey!

It is on sale for $7 now! Grab while you can! I love affordable makeup. Whether it is something like Glossybox where you get new stuff each month. One full size item and samples, or couponing cosmetics at stores, when you see a great deal;snatch it up. This is no exception.

Now, if you will excuse me I have to go mummy my way out to scare hubby. Hahahaha!

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