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Having a child is hard work,  you are constantly caring, worrying, and playing with them. You get tired after so long just as anyone would with a job. And even parents need a day off. No matter how much we love our littles we need time to be adults. Time to enjoy the things we normally wouldn’t with a tiny toddler or baby. That is why I say a whole day of just mommy and daddy alone is just as important as having a date night.

corning museum of glass

My Hubby and I took advantage of this while in N.Y. So we took a day trip to the Corning Museum Of Glass. It was so worth it! We got to take our time and enjoy the day. No rushing and no crying little who didn’t want to sit for a 30 minute show about glass. And to the parents with the crying kid, I get it, I understand your pain. You do your best.

HM dress and aldo bag, Urban decay lipstick

When you do not have a tripod the only way to get in the pictures is to take selfies!

We got to see things we didn’t before and I got to make a piece of jewlery. Corning Museum has a lot of interaction for adults and kids. The littles can make jewlery too and other things.

corning museum of glass

We got to see the new addition to the Museum . Contemporary 2 zone and we got to see the Tiffany’s glass display and exhibit. And of course I had to see the historical glass! I love history! And I have a funny story to tell that day too.

corning museum of glass
In the 35 centuries of glass you start out with Ancient Egypt and male your way through the ages. I didn’t take a lot of pics of that because you can see my original post here.


corning museum of glass

The ancient Egyptian part is my fave. And then I i believe the Mesopotamian pieces we saw this little tiny head of a man. A man that I jokingly said to my husband. “Now that. That is a man who has seen some shit. ”

corning museum of glass

After I said that my husband and I laughed like idiots for the next ten minutes trying to also take a picture of this tiny glass head. I told my mother in law that it is also the face of a man who needs the bathroom and there isn’t one.


We saw the Tiffany exhibit which showcases a lot of their mosaics. Pieces were very intricate and delicate. But absolutely beautiful. It is no wonder that Tiffany is so replicated. But there is no replacing a real true Tiffany mosaic. Especially after learning how they made those glass slabs.  Beautiful,stunning ,and timeless.

corning museum of glasscorning museum of glasscorning museum of glassThe Tiffany’s exhibit is really interactive and really educational.  We found a huge collum that was by Tiffany’s and I shot a picture of my hubby near it to show that size scale.

corning museum of glasscorning museum of glass


The Contemporary art 2 exhibit is beautiful. Stark white walls black seats.  My kind of place this part of the museum was opened up in March of 2015 so we missed that in my first trip there because wasn’t open yet.The glass statues are stunning. Like this Lynx that was designed after an artist’s sketch. This cat is make out of strands and strands of glass. To look like fur.

corning museum of glasscorning museum of glasscorning museum of glass

There were so many pieces where the meaning of the pieces were so clear and defined. And really gave you the essence of what the artist is feeling. Broken glass that looks like blood. Knives falling on an unexpecting village to signify a village in Brazil where the residents disappeared. Signs of bewilderment. And just clever ingenuity.  Just a beautiful exhibit and I was so happy we went!

corning museum of glasscorning museum of glass

corning glass museumcorning glass mueseumcorning glass mueseumcorning glass mueseumThis art was another fave, the piece is supposed to be broken. And the birds are taxidermy. It signifies the death of the glass industry as it was known. This is a powerful piece too much like the “Raining Knives”. It is truly beautiful and in disarray. But that lends to the beauty of this piece. I love how it signifies the blood and then it is the broken glass. Just amazing.

corning glass mueseum

A few more things from the newer exhibit and then off to talk about other things at the museum!

So a few things to think about on your visit to Corning Mueseum. You can take pictures but No flash and no touching the art. See as many shows as you can. The highlighted shows are the ones to really see. And get to the shows early! Seats fill up! Make something! You have to pay but shipping is free for most items. This is handy for those of us who fly. There is a cafeteria. There are foods from all over. Be sure to really take your time and most important have fun!

corning museum

The museum also has a full functioning cafeteria and has a lot of different foods. I went with basic veggie lo mein, my stomach thanked me for that. This baby is picky. And hubby got pizza and veggies.

corning museum

So the outfit! I believe in dressing up for a museum a bit. Although when I went to the MET I didn’t as much(here) and the first trip to Corning Museum I didn’t dress up as much as I wanted to, I had a little to chase. This time I said no! I am dressing up. So I grabbed my H&M MAMA dress which is a beautiful lace and mesh  dress. With billowy sleeves and a higher neckline. The dress i wore thing this post here. I wore my Justfab flats and took my ALDO palm bag. I even flat ironed my hair!

corning glass museum and H&M and aldo shoe

This outfit was perfect for the Museum and my hubby also dressed up more. It was nice.

Oh one more thing just know there are two kind of “down town” areas. One if more higher end and the other had a uh…um…it had a strip club.(we didn’t know that is what it was until we went back for the car) We ate at a dive called Cap’n Morgans which the food was OK for essential pub food. We got cheeseburgers and fries(exciting). I did find an awesome mural!

And should have gotten pictures in front of it, but we didn’t stick around long enough.

To plan your next trip to Corning Museum check out their website here for what exhibits are going on and shows. As well as ticket prices!

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  • Nikki Living Life August 22, 2017 at 2:49 PM

    Thank you for sharing all these amazing pics and factoids of the exhibits at the Corning Museum Of Glass. I saw the pic of the Lynx on Insta and was amazed (heart eyes). The strands of glass giving it texture is just so cool. I also love Egyptian art and could spend hours in that section alone. You look fabulous in your H&M MAMA dress. Great choice for your museum visit.


    • Stephanie August 22, 2017 at 3:14 PM

      Thank you so much! We had such a great time! And the art was superb! I took a lot of pictures of the Egyptian exhibit the last time, I could spend all day there!


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