Corning Glass museum, a look back.

Happy New Year again! Now that I have the time to write since the little man went to bed and hubby is playing Assasin’s Creed . I figured I could do a quick flash back Friday of my trip to the Corning Glass Museum. Which I must say was pretty fun and really exciting to see. Museum hopping is my way to relax. It truly is. I felt so charged, so energetic, and truly at peace. I was in my element. Oh happy Nablopomo January! Yes, I am at it again. And yes, it does get hard. I have hit so many writers blocks but it is a challenge worth accepting! Trust me.


Yeah my little guy was SOOOOOOOO excited. P.s. ignore the rolled pants, I didn’t want to get them muddy on the way in the museum. So, I rolled them up,yes I am dorky. Call me queen dork.


This tree was made of glass balls and really beautiful.




They even had classes to make your own ornaments or things like this flower. But, they were sold out.



I loved the stained glass pictures/windows/I am not sure what to call them since it was mounted on a wall and you didn’t see through it. Anyways they were some of my favorites of the day.



This glass window was absolutely gorgeous. And I was begging my little man to smile. wpid-20141227_144454.jpg

He decided to read the pamphlet.




This was a gorgeous globe that looked like a coral reef. It was just so interesting how this is made and how the artists do things like this to make the inside of the globe look like this.


The Liberty Bell, this replica is pretty big. And the display is gorgeous. But there was a chunk missing at the top on the side.wpid-wp-1420201638964.jpeg




This Baccarat table is a solid glass table that is one of three. It has a marble top and some metal brackets. The boat on top is also solid glass.




Baccarat Glass boat. The table is sitting on is one of three made. It is solid glass, save for the metal brackets and marble slab.

Baccarat Glass boat. The table is sitting on is one of three made. It is solid glass, save for the metal brackets and marble slab.






This is a beautiful candelabra from England. It is just stunning. Just stunning.


This chandelier is gorgeous and I love it! The green is beautiful and perfect.




I thought this was the coolest thing ever! I love Edison bulbs!



This is a tiny little glass head of Amenhotep II. It is so small and you wouldn’t guess it by the picture but this piece from the 18th dynasty and is thousands of years old. Both are actually. And may I point out that things you see in text books and other media places always makes it seem like they are gigantic. When in reality most are in fact teeny tiny.


The thing about these little pieces is the fact they were away from the rest of the Egyptian glass things. They had their own case. Which in essence I get why,however, you have the reality of just walking by them and missing them all together. And these two little glass heads are pretty unique and should be seen. Oh and the blue head, if you are wondering, is Amenhotep IV or Akhenaten. And neato fact here: the brown head is actually a blue glass.






The museum was really vast and had exhibits inside of exhibits and we missed quite a bit. I really didn’t follow a particular route per say in there. I just walked around “ooooing” and “aaaaaahhhing” and “OMG look at that! ”

There was a lot to see and do there, and while we made it to all the scientific shows. We didn’t really get to see all the museum had to offer. As some of the layout was a tad confusing. But, it was still a great time and I still got to run around taking pictures of things before my phone battery died.

I did take something home though beside just a phone full of photos and memories to last a life time. I got something from the gift shop too! Now, I went all around that silly place looking for “local” made products. Which there were. But, there was not a lot. And it was really priced high.  So, I got something from Egypt and an adorable bracelet.


The ornament is green with some golden elements. This one my husband picked out and it made both of us think about that green chandelier.


And then this glass bead bracelet. It is really pretty and PINK! Not that I really needed anything else in pink. But there you have it another pink thing in my life.

If you ever get to Corning go see the glass museum. It is a great place to visit. But, one word of warning. BRING YOUR OWN FOOD.


Well, the cafeteria was designed by Satan. I swear. It was the most confused food mash up I have ever had the PRIVILEGE to go through.  No one knew where to stand.  Where you thought there was a line for a particular food server,there wasn’t. You had to stand in a different line for something unrelated. Um what? I just want a sammich. Why in the name of Mordor am I standing in the line for salad and pizza to get it? Seriously? So save your money and sanity and just go to Arby’s beforehand. Save yourself the trouble of that evil cafeteria. The people who were working the cafeteria were lovely, though.

Disclaimer: I am not sure if the cafeteria was indeed designed by Satan. It was just a rough experience there. No offense to anyone who did design it. Maybe it isn’t normally like that and it was just a bad day to be in the cafeteria. And it just dawned on me that we went on a Saturday. A Saturday right after Christmas. Um…there you go.  Still it was nuts. 


  • Molly January 3, 2015 at 7:18 AM

    Soooo many beautiful colors! And I know I’ve said it before, but I just love that pink coat on you. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    • Stephanie January 3, 2015 at 10:13 AM

      It was really a great place with lots to do. For the science lovers there is stuff and for the ones who like to look at the exhibits there is a lot of that ! I love that pink coat so much. 🙂


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