Cooler Weather and some hot tea.

I love this 48 degree weather that we have today. It is nice, perfect for snuggly sweaters,hot tea and cuddling with my little boy.  I made a cup of hot mint tea and am trying to get some shopping for Christmas done. I didn’t get to finish yesterday as my hubby had to come home early because something in the house decided to go BOOM.

This kind of thing happens every year. If not at Christmas, it happens at Thanksgiving. Joy and what a way to test my holly jollies. Seriously, it is freaking a tradition. Not one that I want to keep by the way.

Thanksgiving is next week and everyone is trying to get things ready. I am trying to come up with a menu and who is making what. I know how to make turkey and other things. But, trying to get people to play along is my problem. Oh well. Happy Holidays.

And then this the time I go through my Christmas lights and see what needs replacing. I have decided I HATE icicle lights. Those freaking lights are so annoying to put up. I want the simple one stranded lights and a lot of lights died on me yesterday. Next Friday they go up on the house. I need to get my butt in gear and get some new lights already.

wpid-b80031e4e8af0431756ebb55ab23d70f.jpgThe moment you treat your laptop as a touch screen and it isn’t.


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