Cookies of Christmas: Tiny Child fave! Cranberry white choc chip Cookie

OK, so it is the first of Dec and I know you know that I love baking this time of year. Especially if you follow along with my blog. Today’s baking is a fave of my little one. The White Chocolate cranberry cookies. The ingredients you need are above.

How to do it? Well then get out a cup of coffee and lets get to it.

THanduil and coffee

Credit to orig pic owner.



preheat that oven to 325 degrees f. Then in a bowl mix the butter and sugars with vanilla until creamy. Then add the egg and egg yolk. Mix in the flour and the salt and soda. Mix until fluffy and stiffish. Finally add the chocolate and cranberries.

Take a 1/4 cup full of mix and on a parchement lined baking sheet spoon this mix onto the sheet.

white chocolate chip cookies

With the dough  before sticking it into the oven to bake for 8 mins, you want to take each doughball and split it and then place it back together. Trust me I know it sounds weird but it isn’t. This is what these cookies need. Atom splicing. Right? And then bake for 8 mins. The cookies will still look shiney when you take them out. But they are sooo good!


My son loves these cookies and eats the Dickens out of them. Can you blame him? They are sweet and have such a great flavor. Try it! So simple to make!



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