Cleaning out the jewelry box. Found a bit of history.

Last week I posted about a necklace my grandmother brought home from Egypt. But, when I was cleaning my jewelry box I found something very special.


I found this. A necklace and pieces of what I am guessing is a bracelet.  It is from WWII. My grandpa brought it back with him. They call it a  sweetheart necklace from Korea. Made of polished tortoise shell and silver.


I don’t remember when exactly I got this necklace. I just remember getting it and putting it away. Once in a while I get it out and look at it. Trying to figure it out. Finally I just looked it up and saw some more.


Makes me feel like I have a piece of history here. And it is something I do cherish. I am also amazed it lasted this long. But then, it is never worn and I keep it away. I wonder if that is more hurtful than wearing it. And how to clean it. 
But this necklace has been with me. With me since childhood. And I do not know it’s story. My grandpa never spoke to me about the war or anything. It is a mystery. 
All I know is what it is made of and when it is from(kinda). But, the thing that is for sure is I will continue to keep it and cherish it.

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