Christmas family photos and the like.

Got to love this time of year, Christmas tree lots,hot cocoa, and lots and lots of twinkling lights. The other thing is Christmas photos. This is our first year getting our little family into a Christmas photo. Only it wont be a “let’s squish around the Christmas tree” it will be lets get more fun photos around the town’s light display and town tree. Yes. Outdoors. Hopefully my little man will behave. If not oh well we work with what we got.

Christmas pictures growing up was trying to coral the family into a central location and get a snap before everyone went back to being goofy and make merry. We never did the whole matchy matchy thing. We all were as is. OK, wait I tell a lie, I remember once my mother dressed my sister and I up identically. We were wearing white shirts and plaid skirts. We were not thrilled.

The other thing that comes to mind is what on earth do I wear?? Do, I just wear regular clothes? No, I am thinking something more dressy. OK, for me this is normal day to day stuff.


This outfit with the white lace and red shirt?



This really pretty pink sweater with black lace? I love both options and both will be good.



Hmm. Well, what ever I choose it will look great and I can not wait! By the way, Target has a great sale on clothes right now. The shirt was $7 and the sweater after cartwheel was only $11.99.

I was very happy about that! I think I am leaning towards the red and white. Oh I don’t know. As for my little guy, I am thinking a cute little sweater and jeans. Hubby? Uh…I will get back to that.

I will be sure to post the pictures as soon as we get them. The shoot is tomorrow! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Shirts are from Target red shirt was $7 the pink was $11.99 after sale discount and I then used cartwheel for an extra 25% off.


  • Molly December 28, 2014 at 1:20 AM

    The anticipation is killing me!!! Which outfit did you pick???

    Were you planning on doing a series of Christmas pics or are you like me and gather the family around, have them sit in one setting, and hope for at least one good pic? 😉

    • Stephanie December 28, 2014 at 5:49 PM

      We had a series done Buuut my little guy wasn’t corporating. Lol.


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