Celebrating 2015 with my fave posts!

Can you believe 2015 is over? Can you believe that it has been a year?! I certainly can not believe it. A lot has happened this year and I am so happy an excited for what 2016 will bring! My goals are to grow my blog, go to the beach with my lad and hubby more, makeover my office because now that I am blogging full time and such I need a workspace reflective of what I need. I think 2016 is going to be a big year! I can not begin to tell you all how thankful I am to all of you who have inspired me to keep going and do better with Gofashiondeals. I hope you all will stick with me in years to come!
So let’s take a look back at some awesome posts in 2015!


Corning glass museum NYThe Corning Glass Museum

This museum had so much to look at and I was in awe! It was so much fun being at the museum we had a blast and I can not wait to go back!

Shein two piece. Kensie inspired

This outfit was inspired by a Kensie ad I saw! I still love it very much and it is so nice and cool. The crochet lace is beautiful! Classic.

IMG_4050.JPGThis maxi skirt I wore with black OTK boots and a denim jacket is still a fave go to. Never gets old!

wpid-img_20150409_151922.jpgCaturday and being a cat owner. My cats are always present on this blog like my son. Two cats is enough for me and I love these furry little creatures.


I love maxi dresses. It Stephanie Momiform staple! And for that Friday Funday this maxi was perfect!

You know, Going through these old blog posts, just shoes how far I can come as far as content and pictures. I hope to keep improving!

Like this post featuring one of my favorite white dresses.

imageThe joke with this post is my hubby calls me the bag lady and says my purses are that of Mary Poppins. Would you agree?

NARSThis NARS birthday present was a good one! Loved these lippies!

Shein maxi

This dress is one of my most beloved Maxi dresses!!!! I never get tired of wearing it! You know where I haven’t worn it yet? THE BEACH! Part of my new year’s resolution. YUP. My makeup was also on fleek that day. #justsayin

The day my last phone took a nose dive to save a little man, this was a great post to read.

Comfy and blue!


Comfort clothes are important and I love being comfy and chic. This is one of those “pajama” looks, but you are NOT wearing pjs.

All about that grape

lookbookstore skirt. Target shirtThe skirt here is gorgeous with all the shades of purple I chose. Don’t be afraid to use different shades of the same color. 🙂

NEW BAG and ifchic

ifchic jay M bagThis bag is one I carry a lot! I love it! this was the first thing I ever got from Ifchic!

Mango floral pants!

wpid-wp-1440431888592.jpegI love these freaking pants!!! The great thing about living in FL is we can wear florals like this year long!

wpid-wp-1438957436673.jpegNew Pencil skirt and bows on everything! 


I love this outfit and love how comfortable this skirt is! The thing about this is it is a classic outfit and always chic!



It was a great ifchic month!!!! 🙂 I got some new bags and a new shirt!


This outfit from WHAT I WORE Wednesday! I love mixing blue and white, it makes the blue that much more striking! And I love blue!!!

wpid-2015-10-26_19.15.05.jpgThis Mirina Collections necklace is just a gorgeous piece that holds up to a toddler! Love it!

ALDO boots!Life is short buy the shoes! When I went to see The Battle of The Five Armies EE, I saw these boots and had to have them! So, I bought them! Life is short guys!

Playbeautifully ELF

E.L.F #playbeautifully


I love getting things from E.L.F to review and I enjoy every moment! This was a big moment for my blog and for me! E.L.F is a product line I really love!

Buzzing A Round

Kye Shirt

I love this shirt and paired with a great basic pencil is a great outfit!

VAcation dreaming

Walter Baker skirt


I love this skirt which I got from Ifchic! But I got to get it altered. Still  this Walter baker is gorgeous!

Mirkwood Guard nerd tee

mirkwood teeIf you have been following this blog you will know I am a huge nerd. And I love LOTR! Not ashamed to admit my nerdiness. Just look at my Pinterest account. Anyways this shirt is a fave!

C/MEO collective dress

cmeo collective dress and holiister jeans jm bag

I am in love with this dress and C/MEO collective! Got it from Ifchic!

MY Christmas eve outfit

bear mural

I love this casual outfit for my Christmas eve look! And the mirina collections necklace was perfect with it!

The white scarf and black jacket

white scarf and black jacket

I love the lue gardens in Orlando! It is just a great place to shoot pictures for the blog!


20151207_103712sweater weather! I love this Blogger sweater from MANGO.  A bit tongue in cheek but still so cute!

This was my round up of faves for the year of 2015!  What do you think? Thank you again for reading!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!




  • Molly December 31, 2015 at 6:38 PM

    It has been a beautiful year! The black pencil skirt, red handbag, and FABULOUSLY simple white tank blouse was my fav. Good job, Stephanie! 🙂

    • Stephanie December 31, 2015 at 6:56 PM

      Thanks Molly!!!! It has been a great year!!!!! 🙂 Happy New Year!

  • Mili Wifey January 1, 2016 at 11:35 PM

    Happy New Year!!

    • Stephanie January 2, 2016 at 7:11 AM

      Thanks mili wifey you too!!!


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