Caturday Saturday, Lil lady’s story.

Hi friends, if you have followed my blog you will know I am a huge cat lover! Both my cats were rescues. All my pets for the most part have been. Anyways, I wanted to share my little girl’s story. She is such a sweet girl , so why not. We love her here on the blog right?

It was about 3 years ago when this little tiny thing came into our lives. When I first saw her little orange body walk by the window I panicked and thought my big cat got out. But, no. It was her. She was much smaller and dirty. At that time. SO, after a few days I realized she was not going anywhere. I became determined to save this little cat and find it a forever home. I left food out each day. Putting it closer to the house as the days progressed. (got this idea from My Cat from Hell) Eventually, she ate close to the house. And I was able to put out an animal trap with the help from hubby. She the first night didn’t get trapped. But the second night, she did. And we got our up close look at lil lady. She was skin and bones, nothing but huge eyes. She looked like Gollum.


I put her in the garage until I could get her into the vet. I didn’t know if she had any plague nasties. I wanted to keep my other pets safe too. And I didn’t know her temperament. We were considering calling her Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank. But, later found out he was a she.

She could jump and I tried to get close. Every day I went out and talked to this tiny frightened cat. The day of her appointment, I took her in. She howled like a howler monkey the whole time. But in the vet she did good. They ran tests and all came back clean. But there was a problem. I wanted her fixed, even if she stayed an outdoor cat. I also wanted her chipped. Anyway, the problem.

They thought she was pregnant. OH crap and she wasn’t a kitten. She is very very little and was a year old. The vet at the Humane Society said she was one of the smallest cats he had seen. Possibly munchkin in the kitty genes. (What I am thinking) She looks like a kitten still.

But, that was not the worst of it. They said the babies, weren’t moving. Which is bad. Very bad. No heartbeats.

She had to have surgery. And this is where it gets weird. When the vet was doing surgery, there were no babies. There was nothing. She could be spayed. But, there were parasites. Parasites that had (stop reading if you are squimish for a couple of sentences.) Wound themselves around her intestines. It tricked her body into thinking it was pregnant. WHOA. Nature you are scary.


she was investigating my perfume samples.

The vet got them out. And she was on her way to recovery. Then I was asked what did she eat before you found her. Probably frogs and lizards. Or geckos. That is what did it. The lizards and frogs.

   For the next couple of days she wore the cone of shame and was being mended. And I hand fed her. It was then I realized this kitty had the sweetest disposition I had ever seen. She was so nice. And very affectionate. I think she knew I saved her.

Well, I just had to keep her. And she has become an important part of the family. Our littlest princess.She never does anything naughty. Never on counters,she doesn’t scratch furniture. Perfect lady. And we love her dearly.

That is her story. And so happy to share it.





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